US, Japan and Australia – Meeting on the sidelines of G20

The G20 Leaders’ Summit this year is set to be held on November 15th and 16th in Brisbane, Australia.
Philip Coorey of the Australian Financial Review reports that Barak Obama, Shinzo Abe and Tony Abbott, the leaders of the United States, Japan and Australia are planning a joint meeting on the sidelines of this year’s G20 Leaders Summit.

Coorey writes that disclosure of the meeting came a day after it was revealed that US President Barack Obama would deliver a speech on the importance of American leadership in the Asia-Pacific region during his trip to Brisbane. Coorey highlights the rebalancing of US forces to the Pacific – the so-called pivot – and is a response to China’s growing military presence. He states that the upcoming tripartite meeting is expected to center on China’s growing military power in addition to trade issues. Japan’s recent decision to expand its military role – coming to the defense of its allies – and its commitment to negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which at this point excludes China, is also expected to be on the agenda for the meeting.

The author notes that though Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has expressed that his aim as G20 host is to help foster stronger ties between Beijing and Washington, the joint meeting would be “a move that would test further the strength of [Australia’s] relationship with China”. Coorey elaborates that the meeting comes “on the heels” of Australia declining an offer to become a founding member of China’s proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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