Global Summitry Reports

Global Response to Human Trafficking
Bojana Radan

The End of the TPP and the Rise of the RCEP as a New Leader in Multilateral Trade Agreements
Michael Thomas

UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
Farah Mustafa

Working List of UN Summits
Farah Mustafa

World Humanitarian Summit
Farah Mustafa

World Trade Organization’s Special and Differential Problems
Digvijay Mehra

A Peacefully Emerging China?
Grace Guo

Bringing the International Tax Rules into the 21st Century: The Progress Made So Far
Luisa Fernanda Ríos

The G7+ and a New Deal for Fragile and Conflict Affected States
Mary Milner

The Impact of the Internationalization of the Chinese Economy for Global Economic Growth
Luisa Fernanda Ríos

The BRICS summit and the long-term gamble
Danilo Carvalho Moura

Eroding international economic governance or strengthening it? The case of the creation of the BRICS Bank and of the CRA
Bruno De Marco Lopes

Stalemate: US political paralysis and damage to economic global governance
Bruno De Marco Lopes

Global Financial Regulatory Reform
Zee Mustafa

Europe’s New Insurance Solvency Regulations
Vicki Zhang

The Water Project in Africa
Nataliya Muzyka

Cyber Security and Trade Protectionism
Naveen Garg

OTC Derivatives Regulation Reform Overview
Wen Ren

Financial Inclusion: Mobile Banking
Naveen Garg

Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands Disputes
Wen Ren

The Financialization of Global Commodity Markets
Pascale Massot

Regulation of Systemically Important Financial Institutions
Lauren Bennett

Accounting for Unaccountability
Garrett Wallace Brown

Reforming the United Nations: Permanent Five
Hannah Mallin

Global Health Governance: Challenges, Efforts, and the G20
Blagovesta Tacheva

Is the G20 doing enough to reform global tax policy?
Lauren Bennett

Deep Divisions on Syria Revealed at St.Petersburg G20 Summit
Wen Ren

The Question of Commodity Price Volatility at the G20 St.Petersburg Summit
Pascale Massot

Stalemate on Trade Protectionism Continues
Naveen Garg

G20 and Food Security
Blagovesta Tacheva

Structural Unemployment on the G20 Agenda
Hannah Mallin

OTC Clearing and the G20
Matt Gravelle

Tensions in AU-ACC Relations
Andrew Defor

Basel Ammane‎

Shadow Banking
Faiyyad Hosein